Lutz Bürkle & team

Driving without accidents. This is Lutz Bürkle’s vision. Already today driver assistance systems are making streets safer, and driving more eco-friendly and enjoyable. The basis of it all: smart software.

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What software do self-driving cars need?

Lots! Lutz’s team develops algorithm prototypes in MATLAB and Python, implements in C++, tests in vehicles with ADTF, and simulates with computer clusters.

“The coolest thing about our work? Using sensors and software to enable cars, dumb per se, to understand their surroundings and act intelligently. Right now we’re developing a new pedestrian safety system to reduce the number of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians. We’re also working on an emergency brake assistant that recognizes potential dangers faster than humans can. Interested? We need software developers to help us achieve great things.”

Lutz Bürkle

Project manager for driver assistance systems

Remarkable skills

Combining software and engineering to make cars smart & eliminate accidents




Traffic safety for drivers and pedestrians

At Bosch you can put ideas into practice. To improve the world of tomorrow – every day.

Connected for the future
375kWorldwide, 375,000 Bosch employees are creating the connected world of the future.
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Bye-bye gridlock, hello connectivity

In today’s megacities, constant gridlock is a big hassle – and a huge problem. With urbanization at full throttle, we are challenged to create intelligent new solutions to boost mobility and ease the flow of traffic. Enter connected mobility.
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At Bosch we are working hard to advance connected mobility in cities worldwide, such as the Monaco 3.0 pilot project that, among other things, connects people to the bus network and parking lots using a convenient smartphone app. By creating end-to-end urban mobility platforms, fostering intermodal modality, and developing innovative new navigation services, we make it easier for people to use existing environmentally friendly transport options, and facilitate more efficient mobility. In turn, people enjoy a better quality of life, have more time to spend with families and friends, and benefit from improved air quality in densely populated areas.

Facts and figures
6,3 billionWe invest some 6,3 billion euros annually in research and development. Welcome to the employer with great plans in store!
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Another day, another bright idea

At Bosch we encourage our team to constantly think about the future. How can we use software to optimize automated driving? What algorithms can we develop to make our cities safer for pedestrians? Explore the latest on the Bosch ConnectedWorld blog.

Putting our values into practice

At Bosch, you're an essential part of the team. Here your ideas and imagination are always welcome – something our corporate culture and values reflect. By creating a workplace with a positive vibe, we are all motivated to go that extra mile.

Mutual Respect

By respecting others’ ideas, values, opinions, lifestyle and culture, we cultivate fertile ground for innovation and growth.


We regularly ask all employees to give us feedback about how we are doing as an employer. It’s only fair to hear about our company from those who keep things moving along.

Openness and Trust

A positive, successful workplace requires a generous dose of transparency.

Social Responsibility

In addition to treating you well as an employee, we also give back to our communities and the environment. Improving climate protection and preserving natural resources are central to our daily work. And thanks to the Robert Bosch Stiftung, a portion of our profits goes toward social causes.

Like Stanford in Germany? Welcome to Renningen!

Our new research campus just outside of Stuttgart is perfect for creative minds. In an inspiring atmosphere, innovators take a fresh look at challenges in fields such as software engineering, sensor technology, and mobility.

Why Bosch?

As a leading global supplier of technology and services, we have strong roots to draw on. Take advantage of this and expand your strengths with us. We offer you professional development and exciting tasks in a dynamic working environment.

Contribute to “Invented for life”

In line with our "Invented for life" leitmotiv, we are committed to developing innovative, beneficial, and forward-looking products that improve people’s lives.

Start-up, large company – or both

From new companies in promising fields to established areas of business, Bosch has it all: a range of businesses and corporate structures at 360 locations in more than 50 countries around the world.

Do you think the future starts today?

So do we. In the spirit of our company founder Robert Bosch, we actively shaped the future by developing innovative solutions for future generations.

More than a job

We not only offer you a job, we also give you something to identify with. Over 80% of Bosch employees are proud to be part of our company. See what makes us special!

Balancing work and life

One of the greatest byproducts of the technological revolution: workplace flexibility. As a Bosch employee you can choose from highly individualized ways of working.



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